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The cigars provided and rolled by your cigar roller at any New Jersey event are imported from the Dominican republic and the same cigars CF Dominicana retails at upscale tobacco stores throughout the country.



Dominican Ligero is what makes the filler tobacco for each cigar and the wrapper leaves can vary from Connecticut Shade to Ecuadorian Maduro.

*Models shown are our most popular, all sizes are available - we are the manufacturer.

The Soho cigar (which is a robusto Connecticut shade Dominican) is 5 and 1/2 inch by 50 ring gauge and is suited best for the New Jersey wedding receptions as they burn for about 30 to 35 minutes and have a mild to medium bodied flavor. This particular cigar selection makes certain that guests will  be returning to the wedding, unlike a 7" Churchill that can last over 45 minutes and even an hour. Also the Soho robusto is mild as there will be guests at your event that have never been introduced to a premium cigar before and a positive  experience is something you will want to give them, so keeping the cigar mild allows for aficionados and novices both to enjoy this unique craft.

Golf outings take on a different approach as the time allowed on the course is far greater than a wedding reception so, 7 inch Churchill's (Tribeca Cigar) are most requested for New Jersey golf outings. While your cigar roller is rolling the Tribeca cigar, the Connecticut shade is being placed around the filler tobacco as a visual reminder that your guests are seeing something special. The Tribeca is recommended and is another of our Connecticut Shade Dominicans which are requested most.

Maduro cigars like the Chelsea which is a deep, dark Ecuador Maduro is full-bodied and not for the new person experiencing cigars for the first time. Maduro cigars are recommended for the more experienced pallettes as they deliver a stronger punch with each draw.

When you submit the contact form for your Jersey event, we will not only provide a cigar roller feature but will suggest the right type of cigar for each event.

Again, all of the cigars are imported. Further, the cigars rolled at the event by your cigar roller are imported without the wrapper leaf so your roller can roll the same cigar found in stores right in front of your guests with the construction of the cigar never compromised.

Cigar Roller New Jersey Contact